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Mathematical bureau

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The virtual world of analytics:
Website development for the Mathematical Bureau

Mathematical Bureau is a personal blog of Irina Chuchueva - an outstanding analyst in the field of forecasting the performance of the global wholesale electricity market. Irina writes scientific articles and is looking for like-minded people for joint projects. Our company developed a website design, which was realized by INITLAB - the leader of Drupal development on the Russian market.

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User Experience
and Professional Design

Our task was to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional website that fully reflects the professionalism and expertise of Irina Chuchueva.

We worked closely with Irina to fully understand her vision and purpose for the site. Our team of UI/UX designers created a unique and attractive design that combines elegance and functionality. We paid special attention to readability and navigation, so that visitors could easily find Irina's scientific articles and find information about joint projects.

We are proud to present this site, which not only represents the Mathematical Bureau and its goals, but also creates an opportunity for visitors to interact with Irina and other analysts. We are confident that this site will become a platform for active exchange of knowledge and ideas, and will help Irina to find new partners and colleagues for joint projects in the exciting field of forecasting the performance of the global wholesale electricity market.

Another example of a personal website

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