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Product photo shoot for MTZ company

Agricultural machinery is one of the most complex types of equipment on the market. When shooting this type of photography, you need to pay attention to more than just the machine. There are many factors to consider when shooting tractors, including stationary baselines, blur reduction, lighting analysis, and more. In addition, a huge amount of additional equipment and light sources are required to get the perfect result.

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Creative Photography

There is a huge amount of effort put into every photo we take. From choosing the right machine to deciding exactly where and how we place it, it is a painstaking process. We want the photo to represent not only the company, but also the range and quality of products you can buy from MTZ.

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Photographing farm machinery is a complex process

We understand this process, and our team of experienced farm machinery photographers will work with you to conceptualize and realize your photo shoot requirements. We will take the best photos of your machinery in action from the optimum angle, ensuring you get high quality machine photos that will catch the attention of your customers.

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