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STEEL doors



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Steel doors are fire doors

Our studio was hired by STEEL DOORS to develop a website with a product catalog, door configurator and ordering system. Our team worked to create a website that would reflect the reliability and quality of the company's products.

One of the main elements of the website is the product catalog, which contains complete information about each product, including technical specifications, images and prices. We have also developed a door configurator that allows users to customize doors to their requirements and then order them using the site's ordering system.

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Feedback forms were implemented on the website, providing an easy and quick way for customers to contact the company. We also optimized the site for search engines, which helps to increase its visibility and attract more potential customers.

As a result, our team has developed a modern and functional website that reflects the reliability and quality of STEEL DOORS products and provides a convenient and easy way for customers to order fire doors.

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