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There are no secrets, just nuances.

Online store is an additional storefront for selling your products, only on the Internet. The pleasantness of such a storefront for the user will determine his desire to make a purchase. The Internet provides a lot of information about the way to be a successful selling online store and it seems that the only thing left to do is to take it and create it. However, everything is not as simple as it seems at first glance. For almost 20 years of our company's history we have created dozens of online stores and each time as a result of intensive research work a lot of nuances were born, which help our clients' sites favorably differ from competitors and form additional added value for their products.

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Preparing for a job is sometimes more difficult than the job itself

In order to create a high-quality, high-conversion online store with a custom design, we conduct fundamental research of the niche, study competitors, analyze target audiences, and map the user journey for each of them. This preparatory work is akin to aiming before an accurate shot, and here you need to take into account many factors, so that in the future released online store hit exactly the target of the expectations of their customers, and fulfill all the tasks set for it.

The results are worth the investment

An online store is not an expense item, but a basic investment in the marketing of your own business on the Internet. In further promotion of the online store, we will set up independent online analytics, develop KPI benchmarks in order to calculate together the payback of the project and ROI.

How we'll work:

  1. Project Discussion

    We will contact you and discuss the task at hand. We will discuss the basic and desired functionality of the project. We will set preliminary agreements on the terms and cost of website development.

  2. Filling out the brief

    We will send you a brief with the remaining important questions, the answers to which are necessary to correctly estimate the project and calculate the timeframe for realization, and you will fill it out.

  3. Signing the contract

    After agreeing on all the terms of work, we sign the contract, receive an advance payment and start creating your new website. We are pleased to offer our clients the possibility of using electronic document management, which makes this stage of cooperation much more comfortable.

  4. Online store development

    First, the design, which we approve from the customer, then the layout, programming, testing and commissioning. Our IT-infrastructure is set up in such a way that the customer can see the progress of work on the creation of his site at any time convenient for him on a specially dedicated development server, access to which is possible only by password.

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what you get

Positive experience and business growth

  1. Attention and care
  2. Online shop to suit your needs
  3. Online business growth

Development Services

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