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Task definition

We were contacted by Vinteo - the leader of the Russian market of manufacturers of server-based enterprise-level videoconferencing solutions, with a request to develop an attractive and informative landing page for their business. In the conditions of foreign companies leaving the Russian market, it was important to quickly and clearly convey the company's advantages in presenting high-quality and reliable telecommunication solutions, compatibility with third-party VCS equipment and protocols, and, as a consequence, to satisfy the need of Vinteo's target audience in import substitution.

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Landing Page Development: Attracting Large Companies to Vinteo

The designed landing page emphasizes the high degree of compatibility of Vinteo products, providing a reliable alternative to outgoing vendors. With strategically placed CTA elements, informative sections and attractive design, we ensure that visitors will find all the necessary information on the landing page about the VCS solutions they are interested in and contact the company for implementation.

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For several months of the landing page's operation and its promotion, our company collected more than 300 hits from the target audience at a cost agreed with the client. We also provided uninterrupted technical support for the resource during the period of unprecedented attacks on the majority of Internet resources in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet, including corporate-level antivirus protection.

More Examples of Landings

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