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A name for your business

It is impossible to come up with a good company name by chance and simply by consulting with friends. Naming is a whole complex of analytical and creative work. To create an accurate and memorable name, we carefully analyze the client's business, market segment and competitors' names, study consumers, research their motives and values. A company's name plays a key role in the future marketing policy and generally the life of the firm. That's why the stakes are so high.

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We'll make a name for you that:

  • will be original and distinctive
  • will create a clear picture in the consumer's mind
  • will bring success

How do we create a name?

We work in four stages:


    We perform a market research to properly understand both the general situation and its nuances.

  2. creative

    With the help of various linguistic techniques and our own creative power, we come up with a few names.

  3. Work through
    the options

    We explain to the client the concept of each name in detail and give recommendations on how to use them. In addition, we explain the entire process of coming up with the names.

  4. Compilation
    of the document

    This is a comprehensive document that contains the study, all options, explanations and recommendations.

cost of work from $2 990

The price of naming is negotiated during the discussion of the technical assignment.

what you get

The customer receives a ready-made methodology on naming with different variants. This allows you to make the right choice.

  1. Study in pdf document
  2. several variants
  3. Our vision and recommendations

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