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Cohesive brand presentation

We have more than 20 years of experience in logo design. The first logo was designed in 1999 for a large stationery chain, and since then more than a hundred symbols have been made for companies of various specializations.

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What is corporate identity?

Corporate identity is everything that is built around a logo: from letterheads on documents to employee clothing. It has two fundamentally important functions: to provide semantic unity within the company and to distinguish it among competitors. A good corporate style makes the company's products recognizable, substantiates its advantages and enhances the advertising effect. It should have a qualitative semantic and emotional load.

how do we develop a corporate identity?

We create a corporate identity for our clients in stages:

  1. Goal

    We study in detail the information about the company, familiarize ourselves with the strategies of competitors. We discuss with the customer the number of elements that will be included in the corporate style or brandbook. Start creative work.


    We look for color solutions, choose fonts and shapes. We create a lot of sketches, from which we choose the best ones. We discuss them and finalize them. In the end, we settle on the most authentic solution for business, original and fulfilling all the necessary objectives.

  3. FINAL

    At the end of this stage we have:
    — logo;
    — fax letterhead;
    — letterhead;
    — branded envelopes;
    — business cards;
    — design rules for print advertising with an example;
    — outdoor advertising design rules with an example (3×6 billboard);
    — branded clothing;
    — layout of corporate vehicle design;
    — rules for use in souvenir products, etc.

starting at $4 990

The cost depends on the number of style elements and is formed individually.

what you get

Presenting the corporate identity to the client.
We detail and show a ready-to-use product that includes:

  1. Logo
  2. Guidelines
  3. Detailed description
    of the elements
  4. designed
  5. All files
    for printing companies
  6. consultation
    during production

Branding Services

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