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Logo design

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Experience in logo design: more than 20 years - that's more years than PLATZKART has existed. The first logo was designed in 1999 for a large stationery chain, and since that time there have been over hundreds of designs for companies of different specializations.

logo design process

We start the logo design process by studying the brand and its goals, and then we research the idea, create several concepts, choose the best option and perfect it to the final version. Our logo design process is thorough and systematic, and we always strive for innovation and design relevance to achieve high efficiency and quality.

  1. Goal

    At the task formulation stage, we define the main goals, wishes and requirements of the client to create a logo.

  2. Market

    We analyze the market and competitors, study the brand's scope, history and values.

  3. concept search sketches

    Find several different conceptual ideas that reflect the character and features of the brand.

  4. concept development

    Finalize the selected logo ideas, optimizing their visual and semantic aspects.


    After coordination with the client, we make refinements to the logo design to ensure maximum effectiveness.

  6. final concept

    We validate the final version of the logo and prepare for its implementation.

starting at $3 990

what you get

As a result, the client receives a finished design that is a visual symbol of his brand and reflects his unique values and character. This gives him the opportunity to stand out in the market and attract the attention of his target audience, as well as create a strong brand identity. Which strengthens the brand and leads to market expansion, increasing profits.

  1. Logo
  2. brand block
  3. The smaller version
  4. horizontal version
  5. vertical version
  6. all vector files

logo examples

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