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estimation and forecasting

Any business needs to go online, but without professional support it is almost impossible to enter this world effectively and to last in it. Before taking on any project, we thoroughly study all the data that is in the sphere of the client's company: market segment, competitors, their behavioral strategies, target audiences, marketing capacities and advertising policy.

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What is market research?

To avoid making mistakes and unnecessary, costly actions, you need to objectively understand the situation you are in. For example, it can happen that a client comes to us with one task, but after an in-depth audit it becomes clear that the business needs a completely different solution, which will subsequently enrich and transform the company.

What's included in the research

  1. Collecting
    and analyzing

    Gather information about the client's business and market segment: analyze the data obtained to understand the overall situation and find what is still hidden from the rest.

  2. competitors

    Searching and analyzing competitors: identifying their weaknesses and strengths. To defeat your opponent, you need to study him well and discreetly.

  3. target audience

    Researching the behavior of target audiences, discovering unmet consumer needs: sometimes you think you know your audience, but only a year passes and people change. Perhaps there is already a new audience that the company is not yet aware of.

  4. result

    Accessible presentation of the processed information: clear and colorful presentation of what we have learned and how to act.

  5. recommendations
    and suggestions

    Proposal of several promising development options: we tell you specifically and guaranteed what you need to do to get this or that result.

  6. outcome

    Tactical forecast based on real data: we explain what will happen to your business in a month or a year if you follow the chosen directions.

starting at $2 990

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