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Everybody needs a top spot.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a complex development and promotion of a website in order to get it to the first positions in the search engines.

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Do you need SEO for your website?

SEO can be treated differently, every year this methodology changes a lot, but the fact remains: no site can survive in the jungle of the Internet, full of competitors, without search engine optimization. Without SEO resource will fall dead weight far from the first page of search engines, while competitors will collect all the target traffic on top of Yandex and Google.

Search engine optimization is a basic necessity for 21st century businesses.

Since the digital market is rapidly evolving and constantly changing, today an SEO specialist who automatically uses old methods (effective even a couple of years ago) will not be able to help the business: the site will fall, not grow in search engines, it may even be banned there. In order not to spend money in the wind and not to harm your company, SEO should be approached structurally and comprehensively, based on the laws of marketing, programming and design. This is how we approach this work.

What we're doing


    We conduct a comprehensive SEO audit of the site, which includes technical and usability audits. We use up-to-date versions of professional software for this purpose.

  2. Integrated

    We launch integrated promotion: optimize the site, expand semantics, correct errors, develop a semantic kernel, increase the speed of the resource.

  3. Quality

    We create quality SEO texts that are, firstly, interesting for people to read, and secondly, they carry effective keys to increase rendition on search sites.

  4. Site

    We promote the site with the help of links, comments on external resources, mentions, directories and other effective mechanisms.

starting at $990/month

The final cost depends on the niche, level of competition and geography of the site promotion.

what you get

New age SEO should work for people, not for search engine robots, only in this way you can achieve great heights. We understand the principles of sales and constantly analyze the market situation, so we never work at random. With us - every penny a client invests in SEO is not a waste, but an investment in your own business, which will pay dividends in the near future.

  1. Comprehensive
  2. Good positions
    in rendition
  3. Constant inflow
    of users

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