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Digital Marketing

how to attract customers on the internet?

A digital marketing strategy is the foundation of a successful online advertising campaign. A house without a foundation will collapse. A commander without military tactics will lose. An advertising campaign without a strategy will not produce tangible results.

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How we develop
a Digital marketing strategy

In order to develop and form a promotion strategy, you need to do a lot of analytical work. To study your business from top to bottom, to determine who your customers are and what you need to do to move them on. Then you need to calculate how much money to spend on attracting and retaining customers. Approximately calculate how much profit can be made in the end.

The task should be set within a certain time frame: it is important to designate a start and end date for which the result should be achieved. And, of course, each marketing action should be analyzed for feasibility, so as not to overdo it and not to make mistakes.

We try not to undertake an advertising campaign without developing an digital marketing strategy. This is tantamount to opening a business blindly, without preliminary calculations. You wouldn't do that, would you?

What we're doing


    We develop a digital marketing strategy. Carefully, scrupulously we take into account the characteristics of the business, study competitors and clients, set tasks and designate the resources that must be put into action: money, time, effort. When all the data is collected, we analyze all possible ways to achieve business goals. We select the best solutions, discuss them with the client and finalize them.


    Describe tactical actions thoroughly and step-by-step.


    Spot-customize all the necessary goals.


    We create online reporting that is updated every day.

  5. COST

    We are working on reducing the cost of getting leads, as well as increasing the quality of leads.

starting at $3 990

what you get

As a result, you get a competently developed and customized e-marketing strategy from PLATZKART, which will not let you down.

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